• Smart Home and Building Automation

    The software can integrate(EIB KNX installation, DSC alarm system, Global Cache devices, IRTrans devices, XBMX etc.) thus enabling efficient automation of everyday tasks and central control via any device running , iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS platform.
  • Siemens HVAC

    Siemens as a leader in energy efficiency expertise for buildings is prepared for the future with a comprehensive portfolio of HVAC products, systems, and solutions designed to improve energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Explosion Proof product

    1.) Explosion proof platinum RTD transmitter
    2.) Explosion proof/intrinsically safe humidity and temperature
    3.) Explosion proof Thermostats
    4.) Explosion proof air differential pressure switch
    5.) Explosion proof level transmitter
    6.) Intrinsically safe differential pressure transmitter
  • Gas Sensor

    1.) Carbon Dioxide Sensors (CO2)
    2.) Toxic and Combustible Stand-alone Gas Detector
    3.) Network Compatible Gas Detectors
    4.) Refrigerant Gas Monitor
    5.) Refrigerant Leak Detector
    6.) Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO)
    7.) Carbon Monoxide Sensor with CO2, RH, or VOC
    8.) Oxygen Sensor (O2)
    9.) Duct Smoke Detector
  • Flow Sensor

    1.) Flow sensor : Brass, Stainless Steel
    2.) BTU Monitor
    3.) Magnetic Flow Meter
    4.) Flow sensor with integral flow transmitter
    5.) Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    6.) Universal Flow Transmitter
    7.) Handheld Flow Meter

  • 1.) Non - Metallic Enclosures
    2.) Explosion proof Enclosures
    3.) Hoffman Enclosure and Panels
    4.) KELE NEMA 1 Enclosures
    5.) HOFFMAN NEMA 3R Enclosure with fan
    6.) HOFFMAN NEMA 4X Stainless steel Enclosure and panels
    7.) HOFFMAN NEMA 12 Enclosure and panels
  • Alarm Indication

    -> Digit LCD Panel Display
    -> Digit Large Panel Display
    -> Smart Graphical Display
    -> Tower Light Alarm
    -> Remote Alarm Indication Station
    -> Strobes and Horns
    -> Emergency Operator Stations